1. Where are you located?

       Claymen, Shed 2A, The Dhan Mill Compound, via 60 ft road, Chattarpur, 

       New Delhi, India, 110074. 

    2. What material are the pieces made with? 

        We use stoneware clay and terracotta to make our pieces.

    3. Can I request for customisations? 

      You can reach out to us on our studio whatsapp number +91 9870554545 for        customisation requests. Please keep in mind that there are extra charges as          well as limitations for customisations. We also do not believe in replicating              works of other artists and do not entertain such requests.

    4. Where all do you ship your pieces?

        We ship pan India and across the globe.

    5. How long does it take for you to deliver the pieces?

    Most of the pieces are made to order. It takes us around 3 weeks to get the          pieces ready. If the pieces are ready and/ or in stock then we would ship them in five working days of receiving the order.  All orders will be delivered within seven working days once shipped within India and internationally.

    6. How can I track my order?

      We share the tracking information on your phone number/email/Instagram         account (the channel through which you had placed the order). You can use the tracking link to check the status of your order.

    7. What happens if the pieces get damaged in transit?

     We take great care in the packing of all objects and sculptures. All pieces are  properly wrapped and sent out in cardboard boxes with fragile stickers. However, we suggest that our customers make videos while opening the packages so it’s easier for us to communicate with the courier company and resolve the issue. 

    8. What is your return and exchange policy?

   We do not provide returns and exchanges as our pieces are fragile and can       succumb to breakage while being sent back by the customers. Moreover, our       pieces are inclusive of shipping from our end. Therefore in case a return is     mutually agreed upon, the customer has to cover further shipping and damages (if any) during return shipping.

    9. How can I take care of/clean the pieces?

    You can use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust or wash the piece with soapy water to clean marks/spots if any.

   10. How can I hang wall sculptures on the wall?

     All wall sculptures come with a hole at the back and we send the wall mounting screws with them. Once the screws are drilled into the wall the sculptures can be   simply plonked on them - like hanging any artwork on the wall.

  11. Do you conduct classes/ workshops? 

    We do not conduct classes or workshops yet, but we’re planning some in  future. Once we’ve planned the model, we’ll make the announcement through our Instagram handle @claymen_. Lookout for updates.